Webcon Online Meeting

Konsulttipaja’s Webcon is a modern, educational and interactive meeting place and way to work.

Webcon offers an opportunity for peer support and learning together. In Webcon, you can either meet one-on-one with a specialist or we can arrange a Webcon for your team, for example for your leadership team or the whole work community.

The benefits of Webcon

Webcon is effective, easy and economical way to work and, unlike face-to-face meetings, it is independent of place or time.

The content and implementation of a Webcon can be for example as follows:

  1. You want to ponder a challenging situation in work and possible solutions to it with a specialist.
  2. You want to find new viewpoints to your work as a team leader, team member or team.
  3. You need coaching or support to your everyday work for yourself or your work community.
  4. You, your leadership team or work community have a problematic situation and you need help, support or new ideas to find a solution to it.
  5. Your work community wants further training in a specified theme.
  6. We can plan together a new development process, next training event or consultation session, or we can monitor ongoing processes.
  7. We can plan together a Link & Learn visit.

Webcon coaching empowers you and helps you to find new solutions to a problematic or challenging situation at work.

Contact us

Please send us an email and request for a contact to

We will contact you as soon as possible to agree on how and when to set it up. All you need are an internet connection and email address. Webcon online meetings will be held using Microsoft Teams.

You can also call direct to
Mikko Salonen, Educational Leadership Consultant and Coach at Konsulttipaja Oy, tel. +358 50 326 4104.

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