Konsulttipaja Ltd. arranges educational programs for the management and staff of educational establishments, organizations, and working communities.
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Konsulttipaja Ltd. supports management and staff in the implementation of planned changes.
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Personal counselling

Konsulttipaja Ltd. offers personal counselling to management and staff - to both individuals and teams.
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Questionnaires and interviews

Konsulttipaja Ltd. conducts different kinds of questionnaires and interviews on your behalf to create a solid base for action to be taken and to secure the quality of your activities.
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Webcon Online Meeting

Konsulttipaja’s Webcon is a modern, educational and interactive meeting place and way to work.
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Information and network of experts

Konsulttipaja Ltd. is prepared to give guidance on matters within the realm of its expertise and to assist in the search for experts.
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Study visits

Join study visits in Finland - link your learning and create a new culture of educational leadership.
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Konsulttipaja Ltd.