Konsulttipaja Ltd. supports management and staff in the implementation of planned changes.

The shared vision is to educate and improve organizational functionality and staff capabilities. An additional aim is to promote well-being among the whole staff and to help them cope with their work.

Konsulttipaja Ltd.'s mission in client relations is to assist and support the community's process of change, and especially to give support to administrative actions while the process is underway. In addition to process skills the company provides clients with expertise on the organization's structure, operations, while sharing its expertise and experiences from other similar cases.

Konsulttipaja Ltd. takes a neutral role in consulting relationships. However, the company can sometimes provide valuable mediation among different interest groups or, in some phases of a project, it can even help keep the project alive. When necessary the company can also arrange studies and interviews and give feedback on them.

Over the years Konsulttipaja Ltd. has participated in consulting projects of different size. In addition, the company has experience in solving problems, handling crises and in other problematic situations in working communities.

Konsulttipaja Ltd.