Konsulttipaja Ltd. conducts different kinds of questionnaires and interviews on your behalf to create a solid base for action to be taken and to secure the quality of your activities. The questionnaires and interviews provide Konsulttipaja with information on how the organization or working community should be developed. They also help it to find the right kind of help and expertise to support the planned activities.

Konsulttipaja specializes in surveys evaluating an organization's atmosphere and customer satisfaction. For example the School Self-evaluation (©) survey has already been answered by hundreds of Finnish schools.

In addition to Konsulttipaja's ability to help its customers evaluate their actions and activities, Konsulttipaja also evaluates the quality of its own work together with the client.

Implementation of an survey

  1. We plan the inquiry form with the client.
  2. We put the questionnaire on our website, and you can log on to it with a password.
  3. You get a clear and coherent summary of the results.

We carry out the surveys easily and cost-effectively on the Internet.