Action Plan

The aim is to develop and improve the learning processes, skills, and practices of the management and staff of educational establishments, organizations and working communities.

Carrying out these basic ideas takes energy, courage and plenty of enthusiasm from everyone involved.

A commitment to learn new educational ideas and to develop them further and share them with their partners is needed.


Konsulttipaja's work is based on knowledge, expertise, and long-term experience in education. All educational projects and developmental tasks are planned together with our clients, and they are made to meet each client's specific needs and resources. All client relationships are confidential and the goal is to achieve full satisfaction.


Konsulttipaja Ltd. was founded at the beginning of 1996. M.A. (Education) Mikko Salonen has worked in staff development from 1983, while at the same time serving as a school principal. The continued increase and expansion of consulting assignments led him to establish Konsulttipaja Ltd. Mikko Salonen currently works as a consultant in management services and as the CEO of his company.